LEONIA, N.J. (AP) — An investigation into a reported kidnapping in Philadelphia led authorities to a home in northern New Jersey where federal agents shot and killed a suspect early Wednesday, officials said.

The shooting in Leonia, a town near the George Washington Bridge connecting New Jersey and New York, occurred around 6 a.m. An FBI spokesperson confirmed the incident but did not immediately give further details on the shooting or the kidnapping.

The kidnapping victim was rescued and was not harmed, according to the FBI. It’s not known if the person who was fatally shot was armed, or if they fired at law enforcement officers or threatened them with a weapon.

“During the course of the confrontation with subjects, one subject was shot and is deceased,” the FBI said in a statement. It was not immediately disclosed how many suspects were at the home.

The incident remains under investigation. The FBI said the investigation involved agents from both the Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia field offices.