INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A former Indiana Department of Correction worker is charged with murder and other offenses in the stabbing earlier this month of three people, two of them fatally, according to documents released Friday during a hearing.

Kristen L. Wolf, 28, of Madison, is charged with murder in the May 11 stabbing deaths of Victoria Cook, 24, and Dylan Dickover, 28, and attempted murder in the wounding of Elizabeth McHugh at an Indianapolis apartment.

McHugh and two other witnesses in the apartment told detectives the attacker was a woman in black clothing who matched Wolf’s description — a 300-pound woman with strawberry blond hair, according to a probable cause affidavit filed to support the criminal charges.

Prosecutors say the stabbing victims had cut ties with Wolf’s boyfriend shortly before the attack. The boyfriend allegedly trained Wolf and other women to “kill with knives and axes.” The boyfriend hasn’t been charged in the stabbings.

At the crime scene, police found a black knit cap with an IDOC patch and a handwritten name tag that read “Wolf” that McHugh said she pulled from Wolf’s head during the attack. Wolf worked at the Madison Correctional Facility from February 2014 until she was fired on May 22.

Prosecutors say a man described in court documents as Wolf’s boyfriend trained her and other women to “kill with knives and axes.”

Authorities say after her arrest on May 22, Wolf denied being in Indianapolis on the day of the attack, according to the court affidavit. It wasn’t immediately known if Wolf has retained legal representation.