DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Students at more than 250 government-run schools in the United Arab Emirates are officially done with homework.

The local National newspaper reports that, starting next week, the Education Ministry is abolishing homework in public schools in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to help students make the most of their time in school and have more time for other activities and their families after school.

Other countries, like Finland, have had success with less homework, which proponents argue allows children more time to think creatively and play outdoors.

The decision impacts 23 schools in Dubai and 233 in Abu Dhabi. As part of the changes, there will be no breaks between classes, which will stretch 90 minutes-long for teaching, mental stimulation and practical activities. The length of the school day will remain unchanged.

The National reported Tuesday some parents are happy about the changes, but others are worried their children will end up spending more time watching videos and playing games on devices.

Government-run schools in the UAE are free for all Emirati children, and open to foreign residents for a fee.