COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A group of 10 voluntary firemen will leave Denmark this week to assist with fighting Australia’s wildfires after an official Danish offer to assist was turned down.

Firefighter Assistance Denmark, made up of voluntary, part-time firemen, said those sent will help cut down trees and clean up.

“We have now put together a strong team based on experience and training, and these people have been contacted directly,” the group said in a statement posted on its Facebook page. “We cannot thank all of you enough for the great interest and all the many enrollments. We hope that later we can send more teams.”

The Danish Emergency Management Agency said last week that Australian authorities had declined an offer to be aided by a 50-member team from Denmark for now

The voluntary group was then contacted by a volunteer-based organization in Australia called BlazeAid, which said it needed help to fell trees and clear areas so people can return to their homes.

It was not clear when the group will depart for Australia.