MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio emergency department physician has been commissioned into the Army reserves as a lieutenant colonel.

Dr. Mark Gebhart has been a physician for 21 years and hopes that his experience will help him care for wounded soldiers in the field, the Journal-News reported.

Gebhart, 53, was commissioned by U.S. Air Force Capt. Dr. Eric Mozeleski, a close friend, in an emergency department bay last week.

Gebhart will be assigned to the 311th Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team based in Sharonville.

Gebhart said entering the military after a career as a civilian will be challenging, but he has a desire to provide “superb” care to those injured serving their country.

Gebhart is not the first in his family to serve, his son Johnathan enlisted several months ago and his son Jackson may enlist as well.