WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Authorities in Micronesia said Monday that they arrested suspects in the killing of an American prosecutor who was working as acting attorney general of the state of Yap on the Pacific island nation.

Yap Gov. Henry S. Falan announced the arrests on the state’s website. No names were released.

Authorities say prosecutor Rachelle Bergeron was fatally shot Oct. 14 after returning home from a run. Her friends believe her killing was tied to her work, which including being part of a human-trafficking task force.

Bergeron grew up in Wisconsin and first moved to Yap in 2015 to take a job as assistant attorney general. She had previously worked in Washington D.C., New York and India.

Falan said in a statement that officials “will keep the public informed at the appropriate time as the court case moves ahead.”

Friend Amos Collins told The Associated Press last week that Bergeron’s husband was inside the couple’s house baking brownies when somebody fired three shots at Bergeron as she was getting home, killing her and her dog.


Private gun ownership is generally illegal in the Federated States of Micronesia, and guns are rare. The Small Arms Survey, a Swiss nonprofit, estimates that there are 700 guns, total, owned by Micronesia’s 104,000 residents.

The FBI said in a statement that its Honolulu division was providing assistance in the case at the request of Micronesia. Both FBI and Yap officials declined to comment further on how the case was progressing or talk about possible motives.

Last week, hundreds of people attended a memorial service for Bergeron.


This story has been corrected to reflect that Bergeron was shot on Oct. 14, not last week.