HONG KONG (AP) — Nicknamed “yellow shops,” they make their politics plain and are winning customers in protest-hit Hong Kong because of it.

These are stores that have come out in open support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement.

They include eateries, bars and other businesses. There’s even an adult store offering a free sex toy to customers who can produce a receipt showing they have donated to the protest movement.

Pro-protest stores often set aside space for people to post notes expressing their views.

Some play “Glory to Hong Kong,” a protest anthem, over loudspeakers.

Others hand out free drinks to marchers during rallies.

Many demonstrators and people who back the movement now use apps to help them locate these pro-protest “yellow stores.”

They say they’re hoping to create a “yellow economy” — a network of stores that will help fund and support the protest movement for a long-haul struggle with the Hong Kong government.