CESKE BUDEJOVICE, Czech Republic (AP) — Participants in black suits with white masks are marching in the southern Czech city of Ceske Budejovice, beating drums and pushing small carts in a revival of an Easter tradition.

In several European countries the church bells fall silent in the evening on Maundy Thursday — according to tradition they fly home to Rome — and don’t sound again until Easter Sunday.

While the bells are still, believers in several countries, including the Czech Republic and Austria hold noisy processions to call people to prayers. The processions take place through Easter Sunday.

While in Austria and elsewhere, people use wooden rattles to make the noise, believers in Ceske Budejovice returned about 10 years ago to a tradition of using small wooden carts for the Easter rattling, or clattering as it’s also known.

In a new twist, they’re wearing white masks to reflect the mystery of Easter as they march on the cobbled streets in the city’s historic center.