Your daily look at nonvirus stories in the news:

1. HOW TRUMP VIEWS MICHAEL FLYNN CASE The Justice Department’s dismissal of the case has been swept up in a broader push by the president and Republican allies to reframe the Russia investigation as a plot to sabotage his administration.

2. SPOTLIGHT ON CITY’S RACE LEGACY People who live in the small Georgia city where Ahmaud Arbery was slain say despite racial inequality, Brunswick is not the monstrous place it might appear.

3. ‘FAITHLESS ELECTORS’ COME BEFORE SUPREME COURT Justices invoke fears of bribery and chaos to suggest they think states can require presidential electors to back their states’ popular vote winner in the Electoral College.

4. ‘OBAMACARE’ CREDITED FOR FEWER CANCER DEATHS New research finds that deaths from the disease dropped more in U.S. states that expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act than in states that did not.

5. POP MUSIC MASTERMIND MARKS COMEBACK Dr. Luke’s career waned after Kesha claimed in a lawsuit he sexually and emotionally abused her, which he denies. Now the music producer has returned to the top of the charts with “Say So.”