Your daily look at nonvirus stories in the news:

1. SUPREME COURT TAKES UP OBAMACARE CASE The justices seem concerned about the sweep of Trump administration rules that would allow more employers who cite a religious or moral objection to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women.

2. NETANYAHU GETS GO-AHEAD Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that the prime minister may form a new government while under indictment.

3. PAYMENTS TO BRETT FAVRE SCRUTINIZED A Mississippi audit says a nonprofit group used more than $1 million in welfare money to pay the former NFL quarterback for multiple speaking engagements — but he didn’t show up at the events.

4. FIGHTING LEAVES DOZENS DEAD Tribal clashes between Arabs and non-Arabs in Sudan’s South Darfur province left at least 30 people dead and a dozen wounded, authorities say.

5. NEWLY DISCOVERED GALACTIC NEIGHBOR European astronomers have found the closest black hole to Earth yet, so near that the two stars dancing with it can be seen with the naked eye.