CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago man was ordered held without bond Friday after being charged with first-degree murder in the death of a former Marine who was allegedly pushed from a subway platform into a moving train.

Fajour Hodges, 19, was arrested and charged Thursday in the April 7 death of 29-year-old Mamadou Balde, police said. Hodges allegedly punched Balde and helped another young man who was previously charged in the attack push him into a moving Red Line train at a downtown “L” stop, killing him.

Hodges’ arrest came less than a week after his alleged accomplice, Ryan Munn, was ordered held without bail in Balde’s killing. Prosecutors said Munn, 18, has admitted taking part in the attack, which was captured on surveillance video.

The victim’s father, Al Balde, wiped away tears during Munn’s bail hearing on Sunday as the attack was recounted.

“Throwing someone alive into a moving train, you will never, never hate someone more than that,” he said.

Prosecutors said Balde was approaching passengers on April 7 at the Jackson Red Line station platform when he started talking to Hodges. Balde smiled and jokingly put his arms up as if to fight and Hodges allegedly punched Balde in the face.

According to prosecutors, Munn jumped in and he and Hodges pushed Balde, who fell between two train cars and was dragged along the platform until he was killed when his head and upper body struck a metal partition inside a tunnel.

Defense attorney William Wolf said first-degree murder charges against Hodges was inappropriate because there is no indication his client knew he was taking action that was going to kill Balde.