The backlash to "The O'Reilly Factor" segment on New York's Chinatown was swift and forceful.

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After a Fox News segment loaded with Asian stereotypes aired, host Bill O’Reilly admitted he was “going to get letters” for it. But he may not have expected this kind of blowback.

Disgust with Jesse Watters’ Chinatown interviews for “The O’Reilly Factor” came roaring like an avalanche.

Then, on Thursday night, it was “The Daily Show’s” turn. Ronny Chieng responded to Watters with a profane, pointed takedown, also traveling to New York’s Chinatown to interview people on the street. But he got a much different mix of responses about the U.S. election.

Warning: Video contains expletives

Fusion Comedy also sent a correspondent, Jenny Yang, to interview folks about the election. But she traveled to the streets of Beverly Hills instead.