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WASHINGTON (AP) — Simmering tensions between President Donald Trump and his attorney general appear to be cooling down.

The White House said Monday that Trump has “100 percent” confidence in his Cabinet, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump has publicly belittled Sessions in in recent weeks, calling him “weak” and “beleaguered” in retaliation for Sessions’ decision to step aside from the federal investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and potential ties between Trump campaign aides and Russian officials.

Asked about reports that Trump was considering moving Sessions to the Department of Homeland Security, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders was clear.

“There are no conversations about any Cabinet members moving in any capacity,” she said, adding that Trump “has 100 percent confidence in all members of his Cabinet.”

The former DHS secretary, John Kelly, was sworn in Monday as Trump’s new chief of staff.

Sessions was one of Trump’s earliest supporters, and the two bonded over their shared commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration.

Sessions told The Associated Press last week that it hadn’t “been my best week for my relationship with the president.”

“But I believe with great confidence that I understand what’s needed in the Department of Justice and what President Trump wants. I share his agenda,” he said.

Sessions traveled to the White House on Monday to participate in first full cabinet meeting under Kelly’s tenure. It was one of several visits he’s paid in recent weeks.