WASHINGTON – Special fencing designed to prevent climbing was to go up around the White House complex starting Monday night and remain for several days after Election Day as a temporary security measure, the National Park Service said. It cited a request from the Secret Service.

The park service said its action to temporarily restrict access to park areas near the White House followed a Secret Service request “regarding the unique security requirements with the upcoming Presidential election, and the need to quickly deescalate potentially violent encounters, protect park resources, and maintain public safety.”

Unless law enforcement requires closing the White House complex, the fencing “will not limit the public’s ability to demonstrate,” the National Park Service said.

The closures were described as “temporary area closures” and “temporary security modifications.”

It said the so-called anti-scale fencing would go into place Monday evening and remain through about 6 a.m. Nov. 8. A reporter who went to the scene said work on the fence was proceeding Monday night, with about 7,500 feet of fence to go up.