Canadians put together a social media campaign, #tellamericaitsgreat, to help Americans get through this presidential election.

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Americans can always count on our our northern neighbors for encouragement, kind words and a laugh. After all, Canada is the nation that provided generations of comedy for America. Dan Aykroyd, Seth Rogen, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and William Shatner, just to name a few, were all born in Canada.

This lowdown, nasty presidential election prompted Canadians to let us know how great we are with the social media campaign #tellamericaitsgreat. Shari Walczak, founder of the Toronto creative agency behind the video, told the New York Times, “Sometimes friends just need to look out for each other.”

The video shows Canadians saying America is great because we gave the world jazz, bluegrass, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. We also get credit for our national parks and democracy and diversity.

Thanks, Canada. Your encouragement helps. We forgive you for Justin Bieber and Nickelback because of The Tragically Hip and Neil Young.

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