The production of a newspaper requires quickly pulling the work of experts in all corners of the newsroom into a digestible package of information, a task difficult enough in normal times to be referred to as the “daily miracle” by many in the industry.

The “daily miracle” label was fitting after Wednesday’s events — a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol, while the pandemic continued to rage with 2,191 new coronavirus cases and 64 deaths in Washington state alone — made for a day that may have been as intense as any in recent memory for many Americans, and certainly for those who work at a newspaper.

As you look at these Thursday front pages from newspapers around the U.S., think of the people affected by the events at the Capitol, but also think of the journalists who risked their lives on the ground there and put in long hours delivering accurate, trustworthy and timely information to readers’ doorsteps and screens.

Here’s a look at some of America’s newspaper front pages from Thursday, via Newseum, Poynter and Freedom Forum: