House Democrats are again seeking to censure Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) over “Joe Biden is Hitler” social media posts. Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) introduced a resolution on Thursday.

The move comes after Greene posted on Twitter that “Joe Biden is Hitler” and subsequently tweeted a doctored video of the president with a small mustache standing at a lectern with swastikas in the background dubbed with audio of the Nazi leader.

Schneider first drafted a censure resolution last summer after Greene repeatedly compared the coronavirus vaccine and mask mandates to the Holocaust. But Schneider dropped the resolution after Greene visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and issued an apology for what she called her “offensive” remarks.

In a statement provided to The Washington Post, Schneider said Greene’s latest comments “demonstrate that clearly, she has not learned, or worse perhaps, she doesn’t care.”

“Rep. Greene demonstrated that her apology in June 2021 was insincere and that she remains devoted to sullying the reputation of the House of Representatives,” Schneider added.

Schneider introduced the resolution with Reps. Nikema Williams (D-Ga.), Brenda L. Lawrence (D-Mich.), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and Kathy E. Manning (D-N.C.). The House will not be able to vote on the resolution until after midterm elections, as lawmakers are out of session until mid-November.


Greene’s two years in Congress have been marred by controversy: She was stripped of her committee assignments during her second month in office over her history of support for violence against Democratic officials and adherence to QAnon ideology.

Antisemitism has been a through-line in her social media commentary. She claimed in 2018, for example, that the wildfires in California could have been sparked by a Jewish cabal with a space beam. Earlier this year, Greene addressed a conference organized by a white nationalist who rose to prominence after participating in the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) took the rare step of condemning Greene last year after she compared coronavirus protections to the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear throughout Nazi-occupied Europe. But he has largely embraced Greene and other far-right members of his caucus, and he plans on restoring her committee assignments if Republicans win back the House majority in November.

McCarthy’s office declined to comment on the resolution. Greene’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.