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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A muck-filled car weighing more than 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilograms) has been pulled from the Chena River at the ice bridge.

Divers, tow truck operators and state workers hauled the Dodge Stratus on Friday from the spot that’s known for containing submerged vehicles, the Daily News-Miner reported .

Vehicles frequently fall through the river ice at the Pike’s boat launch, which some drivers use as a winter shortcut to reach the Chena Small Tracts neighborhood. The river is not reinforced there like true ice roads in rural Alaska. And it is often thinner than the river ice in downtown Fairbanks because of warm water from the Chena Power Plant, the News-Miner reported.

Test the Waters Dive Shop employee Mitch Osborne said he estimates that he’s helped recover more than 50 vehicles from the spot outside Pike’s Waterfront Lodge.

He said he believes the Stratus they hauled out Friday had been in the river for a few years, but that it wasn’t the vehicle crews initially sought.

He’d been expecting a vehicle that’s been hit many times by boat propellers, but the Stratus’ sunroof was intact.

A sheen from fuel and other contaminants leaking from the car was seen during the removal, and an Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation crew used a boom to contain it. A Stratus typically weighs about 3,245 pounds (1,472 kilograms).


Information from: Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily News-Miner,