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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — A southern Mississippi pet wallaby has found his way back home after being missing for over two weeks.

According to multiple media reports , Hattiesburg resident Katherine Smith lured Jeff, the 2-year-old pet, into her fenced backyard to catch him Wednesday morning. Jeff’s owner, Logan Whitehead, was then reunited with his Australian macropod, according to a Facebook post by his girlfriend Kayla Graham.

Whitehead said he immediately took Jeff to the veterinarian, who said Jeff lost some weight but is healthy.

Whitehead told The Hattiesburg American he had been scared Jeff wouldn’t find his way home and is happy to have him home because “that’s my baby.”

The city of Hattiesburg had rallied to find the wallaby, with businesses offering rewards for his recovery, and even making T-shirts to spread awareness.