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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The University of Minnesota Medical School has created a podcast to help students with the often tedious and overwhelming process of applying to the school.

The first episode of the podcast, called “Represented in Medicine,” was released last month. Each episode will feature a different speaker from Minnesota’s health care field who will address concerns of students in the medical school application process, the Minnesota Daily reports.

“We (came) into this podcast wanting to make the voices heard of students and physicians and everyone in the health care field who at one time might have felt underrepresented in medicine,” said medical school admissions coordinator Rachel Rudeen, who is the host of the podcast.

Rudeen said she hopes to interview guests on the podcast who had unique or unusual pathways into medicine.

The idea is getting mixed reviews from students. Tobias Donlon, a first-year medical student, said he probably wouldn’t have tuned in to the podcast, but acknowledged it’s a challenge to make sure all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. Anisa Suleiman, another first-year medical student, said she doesn’t think the audio series will necessarily simply the process.

But Marc James Uy, a second-year master’s student in public health, said a podcast would be beneficial to him as he continues the application process.

Rudeen hopes the podcast will help combat stereotypes of who can or can’t be a doctor.

“Our goal is . to help show that it is a possibility, and we need those physicians to serve the ever-changing patient population,” Rudeen said.


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