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BOSTON (AP) — The price of gas in Massachusetts continues to fall after its post-hurricane spike last month.

AAA Northeast said Monday the price of self-serve, regular is averaging $2.49 per gallon, a two-cent drop since last week.

That’s three cents above the national average and 35 cents higher than the average state price a year ago at this time.

Gas prices had soared after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, reaching $2.70 per gallon. AAA says the price has now fallen 21 cents since September.

AAA’s Mary Maguire says that despite the recent declines, drivers are paying some 35 cents more for gas than they did at the same time last year.

AAA found a 50-cents range in prices for self-serve, regular, from a low of $2.29 to a high of $2.79 per gallon.