WASHINGTON – The man shot by a Secret Service officer near the White House this week said he was armed, then reached along the right side of his body as if to retrieve an object, clasped his hands and pointed his arms toward the officer, according to court charging documents filed Thursday.

The documents provide the latest account of the shooting that occurred Monday evening outside the White House grounds as President Donald Trump was holding a nationally televised news conference. The president was quickly ushered away from the podium.

Myron Berryman, 51, was charged with one count of assault on a police officer and has been hospitalized since the incident. He is awaiting his arraignment in D.C. Superior Court.

Berryman’s attorney, Daniel Dorsey, said his client would likely remain hospitalized for at least another week, based on the extent of his injuries.

No weapon was found after Berryman was shot, according to the charging documents. Dorsey said Berryman, initially charged with a felony, faces a misdemeanor charge.

The incident occurred around 5:48 p.m. Charging documents describing the incident said the account was based on reviews by a Secret Service sergeant of video footage from the area and radio communications and was “not a complete account of the events.”


According to the documents, the uniformed officer was standing at his post at Pennsylvania Avenues and 17th Streets Northwest, on the west side of the White House. Berryman was walking eastbound on Pennsylvania.

When Berryman reached the officer, he “appeared to make a comment” according to the documents. The officer, whose name has not been released, then called in over the radio saying there was a man on Pennsylvania Avenue who “says he’s armed.”

Berryman then continued to walk east toward the White House, according to the documents. The officer backed up against a concrete pillar as if to “seek cover.” Berryman then walked slowly toward the officer before advancing more quickly, according to the account.

It says Berryman stood in front of the officer with his arms extended and hands together and his feet shoulder-length apart, as if he were in a shooting stance. The officer then fired at Berryman, striking him in the torso.

Two officials who had viewed an internal police report of the incident have told The Washington Post that the report said Berryman shouted: “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to shoot you.”

Those allegations were not repeated in charging papers. Dorsey rebuts allegations that his client said anything about killing anyone. If Berryman had made such comments, Dorsey said, he thinks authorities would not have downgraded the charge to a misdemeanor.

“I have no evidence that such a statement was made,” Dorsey said. Dorsey said he was also waiting for prosecutors to turn over video and audio recordings of the incident. He said the officer was not wearing a body camera.

In 2012, Berryman, a former boxer, was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in suburban Prince George’s County, Md. That case ended in a plea a year later.

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The Washington Post’s Peter Hermann contributed to this report.