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CAIRNS, Australia (AP) — A 60-year-old man has been found two weeks after he disappeared in crocodile habitat in Australia’s tropical wilderness, police said Sunday.

Garry Amey was taken to Cairns Base Hospital on Saturday for treatment for dehydration and sunburn, police said in a statement.

The avid walker went missing from his home at Kewarra Beach north of Cairns in Queensland state on Oct. 11 and police gave up the search 10 days later.

Swimmers found Amey in the surf off Wangetti Beach, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from where he was last seen at Kewarra Beach, police said.

“He looked like he had been wandering in the scrub for some time,” Cairns Police Senior Sergeant Bob Morris told The Cairns Post.

Amey’s family members were unable to explain what happened.

“He doesn’t recognize us at the moment due to all the dehydration and the confusion with what’s going on,” his son Justin Amey told Seven Network television.

“Once everything is normal, hopefully he can tell us what happened,” he added.