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CHICAGO (AP) — Three Chicago men have been convicted by separate juries in the 2014 fatal shooting of a teenager as he walked with his twin brother to a South Side high school.

Fifteen-year-old Demario Bailey was walking with twin, Demacio, under a railroad viaduct on the way to basketball practice when four would-be robbers demanded the victim’s jacket. Demario was shot in the chest when he wouldn’t comply, and died a short time later.

Prosecutors alleged 19-year-old Tarik Brakes, was the gunman and was accompanied by his brother, 21-year-old Deafro, and 20-year-old Carlos Johnson. Two juries deliberated about 90 minutes each before convicting the men Wednesday. One Cook County jury deliberated the fate of Tarik Brakes, and a second heard the case of the other men because of competing defenses.

A fourth defendant, 21-year-old Isiah Penn, testified against the others in exchange for a plea deal.