More than 100 Russian diplomats have been expelled by a number of cou ntries. Here’s a list.

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LONDON — The United States and many European countries on Monday made coordinated announcements to expel a total of more than 100 Russian diplomats, in a show of solidarity with Britain over the nerve agent attack of a former Russian spy in England.

A look at the countries that have announced the measures, and the number of Russians they have ordered to leave:

— UNITED STATES: 60 Russian diplomats expelled; Russian consulate in Seattle ordered closed.

— BRITAIN: 23 Russian diplomats expelled.

— CANADA: Four Russians expelled; 3 applications for additional diplomatic staff being denied.

— UKRAINE: 13 Russian diplomats expelled.

— GERMANY, FRANCE, POLAND: Four Russian diplomats expelled from each country.

— CZECH REPUBLIC, LITHUANIA: Three Russian diplomats expelled from each country.

— SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, DENMARK, ITALY, ALBANIA: Two Russian diplomats expelled from each country.

— HUNGARY, SWEDEN, CROATIA, ROMANIA, FINLAND, ESTONIA: One Russian diplomat expelled from each country.

— LATVIA: One Russian diplomat expelled, plus one Russian representative of a Russian company blacklisted.