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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Open-captioned movies will soon come to a Lincoln theater, allowing moviegoers who are deaf or hard of hearing to read dialogue subtitles on the screen.

The Lincoln Grand on Wednesday announcedits pilot program from Marcus Theaters, which operates Lincoln’s first-run commercial theaters. The theater will offer open captioning twice weekly on select new releases beginning this Saturday through August 1.

The pilot program may be a first for a Nebraska commercial theater, said John Wyvill, director of the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The move comes more than a year after lawmakers rejected a bill requiring theaters to offer limited on-screen captioning.

Wyvill said he approached Mayor Chris Beutler about the issue. The mayor then sent a letter to Marcus Theaters encouraging them to consider open captioning.

About one in five Nebraska residents have some form of hearing loss, Wyvill said.

“There’s a large number of older Nebraskans who want to see movies along with the hard of hearing, like me,” he said.

“I plan on going to the movies with my family now that there is open-captioning available,” said Amy Korbelik, co-organizer of Lincoln Deaf Night Out. “I always felt an open-captioned movie give(s) a deaf person the true movie experience, compared to ‘accessibility assistive’ equipment-based systems.”

Moviegoers with limited hearing often prefer reading dialogue captions on the screen instead of using portable viewing devices, which are fastened to seats’ cup holders and display the script. Some users have said the devices can stop working during the film and it’s difficult to switch focus between the script and the screen.

“I do hope people take advantage of this and make it successful,” Beutler said.

Wyvill said the program presents an opportunity for the broader community to show support.