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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Some Lincoln bicycle owners are changing their riding and parking habits and taking other steps to protect their bikes from thieves.

Lincoln police have investigated at least 35 bike thefts so far this year, compared with 39 thefts this time last year, Lincoln Journal Star reported . About a third of the bikes stolen so far this year were reportedly locked, compared with a fourth of the bikes stolen this time last year.

Police have investigated the thefts to look for patterns but haven’t found anything to link the reports.

Cyclists in the area are being more vigilant when it comes to protecting their bikes. Many are being more careful with sharing ride route information so thieves can’t track them. Cyclists are also sharing information online about stolen bikes.

“What scares us is they’re becoming increasingly sophisticated with the way they’re stealing bikes,” said cyclist Sarah Knight.

Knight found eight bikes missing from her apartment’s communal garage in December, including two of her own. The thieves also stole valuable components from her and altogether she lost about $6,000, she said.

The thieves were able to break into the garage while avoiding security cameras, had the tools to cut the cables securing the bikes to the wall and had the transportation to take all the bikes away.

“The thing was, when that happened to me, it almost seemed inevitable,” Knight said. “I’ve had so many friends who also had bikes stolen.”

Knight knows eight cyclists who’ve lost higher-end bikes since 2016.

The Lincoln Police Department plans to meet with cycling groups to give tips about keeping bikes safe and to listen to their concerns, said Officer Angela Sands.


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