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NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for President Donald Trump will be back in court Thursday as part of his attempt to limit investigators’ access to records the FBI seized from his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A judge in New York scheduled a noon conference to discuss electronic files and communications seized from Cohen’s home and office April 9 as part of an investigation of his personal business dealings.

U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood is overseeing a process for determining which of the files are covered by attorney-client privilege.

Trump’s lawyer, Joanna Hendon, said the president is willing to get involved personally in the review.

“Our client will make himself available, as needed, to aid in our privilege review on his behalf,” Hendon told Wood in a letter Wednesday.

Prosecutors involved in the criminal investigation were delayed from examining the materials seized from Cohen when his lawyers came to court to insist upon a role in deciding which documents should stay confidential. Hendon has insisted that the president, as a client of Cohen, has a vital role in the process.

Cohen was expected to be at Thursday’s hearing.

Lawyers for the Trump Organization also want a role in reviewing any documents pertaining to work Cohen did for the company.

The judge has indicated she is likely to appoint a neutral attorney known as a special master to help decide what is subject to the privilege. Ultimately, the judge can rule in any unresolved disputes.