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SOLOMON, Kan. (AP) — A central Kansas woman is riding horses in an effort to raise cancer awareness.

Brook Wallace, 22, of Solomon has ridden more than 50 times this month. She dedicates the rides to individuals who have cancer, survived cancer or died of cancer, the Salina Journal reported .

“Everyone I’ve dedicated to has been so overjoyed. It makes me feel so good to be able to bring some light into their day,” Wallace said. “Many are survivors and some are still fighting. It means a lot to anyone who has had cancer to be thought of. They went through and may still be going through a lot and that will never leave them.”

Wallace has ridden a different horse for each dedication. For each ride, she takes the horse through different patterns including lead changes, backing and pivots.

Many of the people Wallace has been dedicating rides to are family members, friends of family and members of her church.

“Oh my goodness, I am very touched, because when you’re told you have cancer, your life changes dramatically at that moment,” said Sandy Muths, a cancer survivor who Wallace honored. “What she’s doing is making people more aware and it really warms my heart that she has this passion for people with cancer.”

Wallace hopes to dedicate 80 rides this month, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Wallace, whose mother died from ovarian cancer, intends to make the dedication rides an annual event.

“The idea will be to honor a different form of cancer each year. This year’s dedications have been geared more toward breast cancer,” she said. “My mom loved kids, so next year I may dedicate rides to children with cancer. This has given me so much happiness. I love to make people feel better and help put a smile on their faces.”


Information from: The Salina (Kan.) Journal,