It's unclear whether the account's owners are actually based here in the Evergreen State.

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An “alternative” National Parks Service Twitter account with a handful of real facts and a flood of opinions has sprung up in the aftermath of digital drama on Tuesday. Those posting to the account, which has gained more than 240,000 followers on the social-media site, claim to be based in Washington at Mount Rainier National Park.

The account was formed after the National Parks Service’s Badlands Twitter account posted several tweets discussing climate change, an action seen as being in defiance of President Trump’s administration. The tweets were later removed from the Badlands account. On Wednesday, Death Valley National Park garnered attention for postings to its Twitter account about Japanese internment camps.

The Interior Department, which includes the National Park Service, had been prohibited from Twitter use until Saturday after an employee shared tweets that apparently rankled the Trump administration. The tweets showed images comparing the size of the crowd gathered at the National Mall for Trump’s inauguration with Barack Obama’s ceremony eight years earlier. The images showed more people in attendance at Obama’s inauguration.

The Associated Press reports the Trump administration has barred several government agencies from communicating with the public through social media and other means, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Transportation and Agriculture.

It’s not clear whether the account’s owners are actually based in the Evergreen State.

Seattle Times requests for interviews were not returned and the account misspelled “Rainier.”