Among other items: Kerik made millions from agency contractor; and Miller to join law firm after leaving Senate.

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WASHINGTON — Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will travel to Iraq next month as the war-torn country prepares for elections.

The Massachusetts senator, who lost his bid for the presidency in November, is expected to visit several Middle East countries, with the focus on the situation in Iraq and the war on terrorism.

Kerry also plans to meet with U.S. troops to thank them for their services, spokeswoman April Boyd said yesterday.

Kerik made millions from agency contractor

Bernard Kerik, nominee for secretary of Homeland Security, made millions of dollars in stock from a stun-gun company that sold weapons to the agency and wants more business. The White House says Kerik will avoid any conflicts of interest.

Records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission show Kerik made $6.2 million by exercising stock options he received from Taser International. He has been a company consultant and serves on the board, although the company and the White House said he planned to sever the relationship.

Miller to join law firm after leaving Senate

Sen. Zell Miller, the Georgia Democrat who turned on colleague John Kerry and campaigned for President Bush, will work in government relations when he retires from the Senate next month.

Miller is joining McKenna Long & Aldridge as a “senior policy adviser” in the firm’s government-affairs practice.


Secretary of State Colin Powell said he won’t run for office, dismissing suggestions he run for New York governor or senator.

President Bush will undergo the fourth physical of his presidency tomorrow at the National Naval Medical Center, the White House said yesterday.