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KNOXVILLE, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man is seeking to overturn a civil judgment finding him responsible for his mother’s death, saying new evidence suggests another suspect shot her during a farmhouse robbery.

At a civil trial in December, jurors held Jason Carter responsible for Shirley Carter’s 2015 death and ordered him to pay $10 million.

Jason Carter had argued that his father was responsible for shooting her in the kitchen of their rural Lacona home. But jurors sided with Bill Carter, who filed the lawsuit against his son after a criminal investigation appeared to stall.

After that verdict, prosecutors charged Jason Carter with first-degree murder. He’s awaiting trial.

In court papers Wednesday, Jason Carter’s attorneys say prosecutors recently divulged materials that show some informants told investigators two brothers killed Shirley Carter while robbing the house for drugs. They say that evidence wasn’t available for the civil trial, and would have resulted in a different outcome.