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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Senate has approved another bump-stock ban.

The Senate voted 38-10 Thursday on Sen. Kwame Raoul’s (KWAH’-may rah-OOLZ’) plan. It would outlaw the manufacture or possession of bump stocks or trigger cranks which turn rifles into assault-style weapons. It’s the device the gunman used in the Las Vegas mass shooting last October.

The Senate in March OK’d a bump-stock ban which started in the House. But Raoul, a Chicago Democrat, removed a restriction on municipalities enacting local restrictions on assault-style guns. Gun-rights advocates support uniform rules statewide. Raoul’s new measure deals only with bump stocks and moves to the House.

Raoul’s co-sponsor on the plan is Democratic Sen. Julie Morrison of Deerfield. She has a separate bill allowing municipalities to set rules .


The bills are SB2343 , HB1467 , and SB2314 .