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MILWAUKEE (AP) — Organizers are urging marchers in the second annual Woman’s March in Milwaukee to take control of Congress from Republicans in 2018.

Hundreds of women, men and children gathered on the Milwaukee County Courthouse square on Saturday. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports demonstrators carried signs highlighting a broad range of issues, from voter and reproductive rights to immigration reform and climate change.

Milwaukee march organizer Sarah Pearson shouted to the crowd, “Get ready in 2018 to take it back,” and was met with applause and chants of “Take it back! Take it back!”

Demoractic state Sen. Lena Taylor of Milwaukee led the crowd in a short refrain of Aretha Franklin’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

Former teacher Gisela Terner of Fox Point held a sign giving President Donald Trump F’s in every grade.

Marches also were held in Eau Claire and Green Bay.