Here’s how the state’s U.S. senators voted on major issues during the week ending Aug. 31.

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WASHINGTON — Here’s how area senators voted on major issues during the week ending Aug. 31. The House was in recess.

Clarida confirmation: By a vote of 69 for and 26 against, the Senate on Aug. 28 confirmed Richard A. Clarida, a managing director of the investment firm PIMCO, to a 14-year term on the Federal Reserve Board and four-year term as vice chairman. Clarida was an assistant secretary of the treasury in the George W. Bush administration and has held teaching positions at Yale and Columbia universities. Three of the seven positions on the Fed board remain unfilled after the addition of Clarida.

Voting no: Maria Cantwell, D, Patty Murray, D

Johnson confirmation: By a vote of 67 for and 28 against, the Senate on Aug. 28 confirmed Lynn A. Johnson as assistant secretary for family support at the Department of Health and Human Services. Her duties will include overseeing the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is now attempting to reunify hundreds of migrant children and parents separated at the southern border under the administration`s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. Johnson had been head of human services in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Voting yes: Cantwell, Murray

Hunt confirmation: By a vote of 72 for and 23 against, the Senate confirmed Joseph H. Hunt as assistant attorney general for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, where he will direct a 1,100-lawyer unit that litigates cases on behalf of the presidency and more than 100 federal agencies. Hunt served as chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and led the department`s Federal Programs Branch, among other assignments in a 20-year career at Justice.

Voting yes: Cantwell, Murray

Patelunas confirmation: By a vote of 75 for and 20 against, the Senate on Aug. 28 confirmed Isabel M. Patelunas, a 29-year Central Intelligence Agency employee, as assistant secretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of the Treasury. She will direct a post-9/11 unit that tracks the international flow of money as it affects American security, helping, for example, to administer U.S. economic sanctions and disrupt the financing of terrorist organizations and drug cartels. At the CIA, Patelunas served as director of the Advanced Analysis Training Program and deputy director of the Office of Middle East and North Africa Analysis, among other positions. There was no debate on the nomination on the Senate floor.

Voting yes: Murray

Voting no: Cantwell

KEY VOTES AHEAD: House and Senate legislative schedules for the week of Sept. 3 were to be announced.