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HONOLULU (AP) — The plans for a proposed Honolulu high-rise have been changed to take out a separate entrance for moderate-income renters.

The original plans reserved an entrance for market-priced condominium buyers and had renters using a different entrance, deemed the “poor door” by affordable housing advocates, the Star-Advertiser reported Monday.

City Council member Kymberly Pine canceled a Zoning and Housing Committee discussion earlier this month because of concerns over the tower design. But Pine said the tower’s developer, ProsPac Holding Group, discussed concerns with key community stakeholders and reached a resolution.

Pine said the new plan calls for a corridor that will connect the two entrances so apartment and condo residents can use either door.

The developer previously said that separate entrances were a logical way to service two buildings with different clientele and amenities.

The proposed Prospac Tower would be 41 stories tall with 350 market priced condo units and 79 affordable rental units.


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