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TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Heavy rains flooded riverbanks and led to the death of a power company worker Sunday, the Adriatic country’s government said.

A government statement said the worker was killed while repairing an electric line in northern Albania.

Many roads were temporarily blocked by water or mudslides, ports were temporarily closed and hundreds of soldiers and police officers were sent into threatened areas.

Army troops rescued 17 people in a minivan blocked by an overflowing river in the Tirana district, and 17 families in southwest Albania were evacuated with their livestock, the government said.

Heavy rainfall also caused flooding in neighboring Macedonia and Kosovo.

The Vardar river reached the critical level in the capital, Skopje, and its waters covered the basements of nearby buildings, including the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia.

The Macedonian labor ministry said more than 100 houses were flooded in western Prilep, Kicevo commune, and 50 families were evacuated.

In Kosovo, some villages in Prizren commune suffered flood damage, according to local authorities.