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ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia GOP consultant whose last campaign featured a “deportation bus” is back with a Twitter post critics say questions whether the Obama adviser insulted by Roseanne Barr is truly black.

Seth Weathers was until recently campaign manager for a failed gubernatorial bid by state Sen. Michael Williams and had served as state director for the Trump campaign.

Weathers on Tuesday tweeted a picture of Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett with the caption: “FYI, this is the ‘African-American’ that (Barr) offended. Questions?”

Barr’s show was canceled after she posted a tweet that likened Jarrett to a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and a “Planet of the Apes” actor.

Critics saw Weathers’ comments as questioning Jarrett’s African-American identity.

Weathers told AP his tweet was in fact making fun of Barr for claiming she didn’t know Jarrett was black.


The spelling of Jarrett’s name has been corrected in the last paragraph. Weathers’ statement has been corrected to show that he says he intended to make fun of Barr.