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BERLIN (AP) — A German psychotherapist has been sentenced to probation after confessing to providing a group of alternative practitioners with psychedelic drugs as part of a seminar on expanding consciousness.

The 2015 seminar resulted in the hospitalization of the 27 participants with cramps, delirium and other complications from ingesting the psychedelic drug 2C-E and also an extremely potent hallucinogen known as DragonFLY.

The 53-year-old defendant, identified only as Stefan S. in line with German privacy laws, admitted to possessing and distributing the drugs. But he said he hadn’t been aware that DragonFLY had been mixed with the 2C-E and apologized to the participants of the experiment in the northwestern town of Handeloh.

The dpa news agency reported Wednesday the Stade state court sentenced him to 15 months’ probation.