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HONOLULU (AP) — Board members of a foundation a 92-year-old heiress established for Native Hawaiians are calling for a judge to protect her wealth.

They held a news conference Thursday, saying the money should go toward helping Native Hawaiians. They are asking the judge to appoint a guardian for the elderly heiress

Many Native Hawaiians consider Abigail Kawananakoa to be the last Hawaiian princess because of her lineage. Her $215 million trust is embroiled in a legal fight, and a key court hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Her longtime lawyer, Jim Wright, persuaded a judge to appoint him as trustee, arguing a stroke last year left her impaired. Kawananakoa says she’s fine.

Wright appointed three prominent Native Hawaiian leaders to serve as board members for the $100 million foundation Kawananakoa created in 2001.