BEIJING (AP) — The death toll from catastrophic flooding in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou has risen to 51, state media reported Friday.

The official China Daily newspaper and other media said the number included just Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. Other areas of the province have also faced heavy downpours, and rivers and reservoirs burst their banks.

The reports said losses in Zhengzhou totaled about $10 billion as the city continues to drain inundated areas, remove mud and cart away damaged vehicles and household items.

Streets were turned into rushing rivers, washing away people and vehicles and apartments. Shops and offices filled with muddy water, forcing people to seek shelter where they could.

Among the dead were 12 people trapped by floodwaters in Zhengzhou’s subway system.

The flooding displaced nearly 400,000 people in the city of 12 million that is a major hub for industry and transportation.

The previous death toll had been 33 with eight missing.