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This is an excerpt from a confidential Honduran government report that alleges Jose David Aguilar Moran, the country’s new national police chief, helped secure the delivery of a tanker truck packed with nearly a ton of cocaine. Honduran authorities have claimed that the document is a fake, but four current or former government officials confirmed elements of the report in interviews with the AP. Here is an English translation of the excerpt:

“Once he was detained, he addressed himself to us with threatening words, telling people (I am going to fire all of you shits), given the constant threats made by the Sub Commissioner Paz Murillo and due to the order and threats he received by telephone from higher-ranking officials, which he prefers to refer to or denounce before federal prosecutors or legal authorities and not in this report, Inspector Giron Miranda declares that once Sub Commissioner Paz Murillo was detained, he called Sub Commissioner Jose David Aguilar Moran, chief of intelligence for Honduras’ National Police, on his cell phone and passed the phone to him, who ordered him and threatened him to free Paz Murillo and hand over the tanker truck that was transporting the drugs, that it was an order from higher up, and to write it down as a note in the notebook at the Ceiba police station #1 and at the chief’s office at the Satuye police station, at that time, to avoid having problems with his supervisors he decided to free Paz Murillo and at the same time he handed over the tanker with the drugs that it was carrying and the truck continued on the route it had been traveling with the individuals who had been accompanying it in their vehicle who were engaged in drug trafficking for the individual Wilter Neptaly Blanco Ruiz, taking the tanker toward the home of Wilter Blanco Ruiz in the village of Planes.”