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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Enrollment in Wisconsin private school vouchers programs increased nearly 8 percent this year.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released totals Monday for enrollment in the programs operating statewide and in Milwaukee and Racine. Under the programs, students can receive a taxpayer-funded voucher to attend private schools.

The 36,249 students receiving vouchers in the state is up nearly 8 percent from the 33,566 students who claimed them last year.

The cost of the three programs is nearly $270 million, up by about $25.5 million.

Generally, the vouchers are paid for through a mixture of general purpose state revenue or money taken away from the public school district where the student resides.

There are 3,007 students in the Racine program, 4,540 students in the statewide program and 28,702 in Milwaukee.