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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Dominion Energy is seeking a rate increase to pay for burying power lines.

The state’s largest electric utility filed an application with state regulators Monday to approve part of a larger undergrounding project.

Dominion says the plan submitted Monday will add $1.39 a month to the average residential customer’s bill starting next year.

Lawmakers and Gov. Ralph Northam recently passed a law allowing the company to proceed with a 4,000-mile undergrounding project, which regulators estimate will eventually add about $5 a month to an average customer’s bill.

Experts have said the $2 billion project will translate to only a 0.00002 percent increase in reliability, but Dominion said the buried power lines will boost the state’s economy by limiting power outages.


This item has been updated to correct that Dominion’s proposed plan will add $1.39 a month in new charges.