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PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A dog abandoned in a South Dakota wildlife refuge three weeks ago has found a new home.

The underweight yellow Labrador was rescued from the Sand Lake Wildlife Refuge by two hunters on Jan. 4. The dog, to the hunters’ surprise, fetched a pheasant that they had shot down on their hunt.

The Labrador, later named River, was taken to the Aberdeen Area Humane Society, where she recovered after enduring days in the cold without shelter or food. It’s also where River found her new caretakers, Anita and Daryl Jung of Warner, the Capital Journal reported .

The Jungs adopted River and welcomed her into their home on Tuesday.

Elaine Schaible, manager of the Humane Society, said they received nearly 500 calls of adoption offers for River following news coverage of her rescue. Schaible said Anita Jung applied the first day that River’s story appeared in Aberdeen American News .

Daryl Jung is a hunter and figures he can take River out with him once she fully recovers.

Schaible said that River recovered well and is very spry for an older dog.

She said it seems that a hunter either lost or left River to fend for herself. Schaible said that the Humane Society put ads out to try to contact River’s past owner before putting her up for adoption.


Information from: Pierre Capital Journal,