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LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky deputies say they have arrested a couple after finding a 4-year-old child playing on the floor near needles and drugs.

According to local media outlets, the Laurel County sheriff’s office says deputies arrested 29-year-old Raymond Lewis Elam Jr. and 35-year-old Stephanie Elam of Laurel County on charges Monday of first-degree criminal abuse of a child age 12 or younger, first-degree methamphetamine possession, drug paraphernalia possession and public intoxication from a controlled substance. Stephanie Elam faces an additional marijuana possession charge.

Deputies were called to the Elam household for a domestic dispute.

While the child played nearby, deputies say they found items with meth residue, needles, pills and a spoon covered with a white substance on the floor.

Social workers took the child.

The couple went to Laurel County’s jail.