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CINCINNATI (AP) — An Asian-American Democrat who scored a stunning upset in Hamilton County’s 2016 election plans to challenge a veteran Republican congressman.

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Aftab (AF’-tab) Pureval (PER’-uh-vuhl) announced plans Wednesday to run in Ohio’s House District 1, which 65-year-old Steve Chabot (SHAH’-but) has served 20 years. At least two other Democrats have said they are running. The filing deadline for the May 8 primary is Feb. 7.

First elected in 1994, Chabot was unseated in 2008 elections as Barack Obama led the Democratic ticket. He won his seat back in 2010, and has benefited from a redrawn district adding GOP-dominated Warren County.

Thirty-five-year-old Pureval is the Ohio-born son of an India-born father and a Tibet-born mother. He defeated GOP incumbent clerk Tracy Winkler, of a well-connected local family.