Among other items: Man jailed 17 years for rape released; Air Force grounds Raptors after crash; searcher finds body of boy missing in cold...

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The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has asked The Associated Press and five broadcast networks to turn over raw exit-poll data collected on Election Day so that any discrepancies between the data and the certified election results can be investigated.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan said in a letter released yesterday that the polling firms that conducted the polls on behalf of the news organizations, Mitofsky International and Edison Media Research, had declined to share the information with the committee.

“Without the raw data, the committee will be severely handicapped in its efforts to show the need for serious election reform in the United States,” Conyers said in the letter.

Edie Emery, a spokeswoman for the National Election Pool — the consortium formed by The AP and the networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox — said that the poll data were still being analyzed and that the group’s board would decide how to release a full report on the data early next year.

Democratic Rep. John Conyers seeks exit-poll data.

El Paso, Texas

Man jailed 17 years for rape released

A man who served nearly 17 years for rape was freed from prison yesterday after DNA tests determined he was not responsible for the crime.

Brandon Moon, 43, said he felt “numb.”

“Have you ever had Novocain? It’s a lot like that, just from head to toe,” he said.

Moon had been serving a 75-year sentence after his 1988 conviction for sexual assault. He may be eligible for compensation from the state of $425,000, or up to $25,000 for every year of his incarceration.

Las Vegas

Air Force grounds Raptors after crash

Flights of a next-generation stealth fighter were grounded nationwide yesterday while investigators at Nellis Air Force Base combed the wreckage of one that crashed during testing, the Air Force said.

The pilot of the F/A-22 Raptor ejected shortly before the crash Monday and was taken to a hospital. He was not seriously injured, said Capt. Maureen Schumann, an Air Force spokeswoman. Schumann said Raptors nationwide have been temporarily prohibited from flying while the crash, the first for an Air Force F/A-22, is investigated. It was not immediately known what caused the crash or when the planes would resume flying, she said.

South Williamsport, Pa.

Searcher finds body of boy missing in cold

The body of a missing 9-year-old autistic boy, who had wandered away the day before a cold snap, was found yesterday morning near a mountain road about 1-1/2 miles from his home, authorities said.

Logan Mitcheltree was last seen Saturday afternoon. His siblings told police he had been watching TV with them before he disappeared and was not wearing a jacket.

A state forester discovered Logan’s body. No foul play was suspected, authorities said. The weather had turned sharply colder Sunday, with temperatures dipping to 10 below zero in parts of the state.


Gay marriage: The Social Security Administration has reversed course and said it will accept marriage licenses issued for heterosexual couples in communities in New York and Oregon that briefly performed weddings for gay couples earlier this year. It had previously rejected all licenses during that period.

High-rise fire: Investigators have determined that a fire earlier this month in a Chicago high-rise that injured 37 people was caused by an electrical malfunction.

Water taxi: A water taxi that capsized in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in March during a sudden storm, killing five people, had too much weight aboard, according to a federal report.