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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — An arm has been found in the sea south of the Danish capital, close to where investigators have been searching for the body parts of a Swedish journalist who went a trip on a private submarine in August, the Copenhagen police said Tuesday.

Police investigator Jens Moeller Jensen says “our working theory is that it is linked to the submarine case.”

Danish inventor Peter Madsen is held on preliminary charges of manslaughter and indecent handling of a corpse for disposing of the body of reporter Kim Wall who he claims he didn’t kill. He has said Wall died inside the submarine while he was on deck. However, he has acknowledged throwing her body parts into the sea.

Moeller Jensen said that forensic experts would examine the arm on Wednesday.

Madsen and Wall had gone on a trip in Madsen’s private submarine on Aug. 10. Wall, who was working on a story about Madsen, was last seen aboard the vessel as it left Copenhagen. The next day, Madsen — an entrepreneur who dreamed of launching a manned space mission — was rescued from the sinking submarine without Wall. Police believe he deliberately sank the vessel.

Madsen has offered a shifting variety of explanations for Wall’s death. Initially, he told authorities he had dropped Wall off on an island several hours after their voyage began. Later, he said she had died in an accident on board and he had “buried” her at sea.

Her dismembered, naked torso was found on a southern Copenhagen coast in late August and her head, legs and clothes were discovered in plastic bags at sea in October. The bags also contained a knife, and heavy metal objects designed to take them to the ocean floor. Wall’s arms are still missing.

Madsen has voluntarily accepted extending his pre-trial detention until Dec. 12.

Formal charges are expected to be made in December.