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BOSTON (AP) — A man convicted of abducting, molesting and killing a 10-year-old Massachusetts boy has lost his bid to change his name.

Charles Jaynes is serving a life sentence for killing Jeffrey Curley, of Cambridge, in 1997. He sought to change his name to Manasseh-Invictus Auric Thutmose V. He cited his constitutional right to practice the Wiccan religion.

A judge rejected the request in 2012. On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Appeals court upheld that ruling.

The appeals court found that Jaynes had not shown that changing his name is an important component of the Wiccan religion and that without the change he would be limited in exercising it.

Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari were convicted of smothering Curley with a gasoline-soaked rag. The boy’s body later was found in a plastic container in a Maine river.